Arctic blast hits North Portland

Pier Park Monday morning.
Photo by Barbara Quinn.

Freezing conditions engulfed North Portland hard starting Saturday, Jan. 13, with temperatures in the teens, snowfall and persistent wind gusts creating blizzard-like snow swirls. The low temperatures continued Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with warnings from PBOT to avoid driving. However, Monday, Jan. 15, saw clear skies, little wind and sun. Residents used the opportunity to venture out to shop, stroll, sled, and walk their dogs. 

Children and dad sledding at Cathedral Park
Children and dad sledding at Cathedral Park.
Photo by Evan Guerra.

Unhoused neighbors have been urged to find shelter immediately to avoid deadly low temperatures. Multnomah County officials announced January 14 the opening the Charles Jordan Community Center at 9009 N. Foss, as an emergency shelter after other county facilities had reached capacity. Other shelter sites in North Portland are the Portsmouth Union Church shelter at 4775 N. Lombard and the Salvation Army at 5325 N. Williams Avenue.

Volunteers are desperately needed. Anyone is encouraged—especially people who have volunteered before and those with experience in human services and health-related settings—to join us. Sign up at

Signal Pizza in St. Johns. Photo by Evan Guerra.
St. Johns Bridge after snow
St. Johns Bridge. Photo by Evan Guerra.
St Johns downtown at dusk
St Johns downtown at dusk. Photo by Evan Guerra.