BottleDrop update: Land Use Analysis by Mike Vial

A Land Use Analysis has been submitted to decision makers by St. Johns resident Mike Vial on the siting of a proposed BottleDrop beverage container redemption center at the former Dollar Tree store at 7740 N. Lombard in St. Johns. The center would be owned and managed by the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC). OBRC purchased the property in December 2023. (See March 2 article BottleDrop takes over St. Johns’ Dollar Tree for more).

The Executive Summary of the analysis states that:

The bottle waste facility proposed for 7740 N Lombard is incompatible with the property’s zoning.

  1. Bottle waste facilities engage in two primary activities: redemption and processing
  2. The uses are characteristic of (1) industrial services recycling operations and (2)waste-related services
  3. Recycling operations are limited and conditional in the zone
  4. Waste-related uses are prohibited in the zone
  5. The use is incompatible with the desired character of the area as described in the St. Johns/Lombard Plan and the Portland 2035 Comprehensive plan
  6. Similar uses show a pattern of chronic and very high risk nuisance activities and crimes
  7. The use poses a serious risk to the pedestrian-oriented nature of the area and to the traffic-related safety of customers and neighbors of the site
OBRC operations
Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative operations
from the a video on their website
OBRC sorting operations
OBRC sorting operations from their website