Gardeners: Load Up on Free Compost from PBOT

2024 Free Compost Days

Why buy your compost when you can get it for free? Portland Bureau of Transportation is making your spring gardening cheaper and easier with free compost days. From April 20-22, 2024, you can pick up free compost at the Sunderland Maintenance Yard, 9325 NE Sunderland Road. The event is open each day from 7 am to 5 pm. 

In the fall, PBOT collects leaves from city streets and converts the debris into high-quality compost. In celebration of Earth Day, PBOT will be giving away all of this built up compost. And the best part? It’s completely free.

There is no limit to the amount of compost you can take. If you have an open-bed vehicle, PBOT will load the compost for you. If you want to bag your own, bring a shovel and bags.

Compost is available while supplies last. In past years, compost has run out. Plan your visit early so you don’t miss out on this awesome freebie.

Buy Compost and Rock

If you want to skip the line during free compost days, you can also buy it. Leaf compost is available for purchase starting in March for $24 per cubic yard, with a minimum purchase of 0.5 cubic yards. For scale, a cubic yard typically fits into a full-size pickup truck.

Sunderland Yard also has recycled concrete rock available all year round $10 per ton. Also, fill dirt is available for free year-round. 

 If you have questions, visit the PBOT’s website or call PBOT at 503-823-3500.

Originally posted by Victoria of Portland Living on the Cheap