Linnton River Greenway Trail Update (Jan. 2024)

An application is being prepared and will soon be submitted to the City of Portland to extend the Linnton Greenway River Trail. 

The site for the trail is located on an industrial property that has a Willamette River Greenway Overlay. This zoning designation allows for industrial development while also allowing for public use and enjoyment of the waterfront.

 In 1998, as a requirement for his purchase of the site, the industrial landowner proposed a twenty-five-foot-wide trail area to be measured from the top of the riverbank inland for the length of the riverfront property. Development of the trail was assigned to Portland Parks & Recreation in 1999. Since then, no further progress has been made. The Linnton community has long waited for access to their riverfront.

Linnton Greenway Trail site on Willamette River
Linnton Greenway Trail site

The application proposes to establish and partially complete the Willamette River Trail and viewpoint extending from NW 107th Avenue, just east of the Linnton Community Center. Stay tuned to the for continuing updates!