Mom’s murderer takes plea deal

Breauna White
Breauna White, murdered mother of two
from the Cathedral Park neighborhood

Three years after a Cathedral Park mother of two, Breauna White, was gunned down by her boyfriend, he has taken a plea deal to avoid going to trial. Henry Brogdon pled guilty to the lesser charge of second degree murder and will serve 25 years before being eligible for parole. He will be in his late 50s before there is a possibility of release.

On May 5, 2021, Ms. White was shot four times on the patio of her apartment while her baby daughter and school-age son were inside. Several Cathedral Park neighbors heard the gunfire and called 911. They were set to act as witnesses at the trial. One saw the shooter with the gun near the scene. Another caught the sounds of gunfire and got the gunman on video as he fled. Two others reported the direction he was fleeing, his general description and the fact that he boarded a bus and discarded clothing items along the way.

Henry Brogdon on TriMet bus
Henry Brogdon on TriMet bus after fleeing the crime scene. Photo courtesy of TriMet.

Brogdon dropped several items of clothing apparently in an attempt to change his appearance. However, instead of helping him escape they may have provided evidence of his presence near the crime scene due to DNA.

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Henry Brogdon in custody
Brogdon in custody