Road closure due to sewer line burst extended through late May

Crews continue to repair the N. Columbia Blvd. bridge site near the late March sewer line break. While they investigate the potential for other areas of damage, a detour will remain in place and is expected to last through at least late May. Engineers with Environmental Services, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), and a contractor for Environmental Services have been working together to repair the site and bridge as soon as possible.

The detour around the N. Columbia Boulevard Bridge will extend to at least late May according to a PBOT representative.

The advisory to avoid contact with Columbia Slough’s waters has also expired; lab results from water samples taken earlier in the week show that E. coli levels are below Oregon Department of Environmental Quality standards.

City crews at work repairing sewer line break under the
N. Columbia Blvd. Bridge.

A new phase of repairs

With the final repairs of the sewer pipe completed in early April, crews are now focusing on the abutments to the bridge and locating and filling any voids left by the force of the leak.

Crews had to dig into the bridge embankment to remove damaged material, and install the new section of pipe. The contractor will rebuild the section of the bridge embankment that was damaged and layers of concrete, aggregate, and other specialty materials will be laid. Each layer will require time to dry and cure before vehicles are allowed to use the bridge.