Vanport Mosaic Festival, May 18-June 1

Vanport Mosaic Festival My 18-June 1, 2024
Vanport Mosaic Festival 2024. “The annual festival is a highlight of Portland’s cultural calendar, blending history, culture, arts and activism into a living and highly creative memorial.” Oregon Arts Watch/ Bob Hicks

The Vanport Mosaic’s annual exploration of little-known local history and celebration of the community resilience returns this month with a rich program of performances, exhibits, tours, screenings, dialogues and gatherings. Learn more details HERE.

The events, hosted in various venues in N/NE Portland, are offered to the public free/sliding-scale, thanks to the generous support of funders and sponsors.

Please consider supporting memory activism and join the commitment to remember, repair, reclaim, and re-imagine collected stories.

Festival headquarters: The Historic Alberta House | 5131 NE 23rd Ave, Portland OR. Contact: